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The College of Fine Arts , aka COFA, programs encompass classical music, jazz, opera, drama, dance, scenic design, musical composition and playwriting, graphic and product design, studio art in every medium including video and photography, sculpture, and ceramics. The College embodies the department of Art and Art History, Butler School of Music, department of Theatre and Dance, Texas Performing Arts, and Landmarks.

COFA Classes open to Non-Majors

Department of Art and Art History

Butler School of Music

Department of Theatre and Dance

Student Organizations

There are over 70 registered student groups with an art, dance, theatre and cultural focus. A few examples include: Association of Black Fine Arts Students, Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre Honor Society), Creative Arts + Theatre Committee, Texas Ballroom, B-­?Boy Session (Breakdancing), Barkadas (Dance of the Pacific Islands), Gigglepants Improv Comedy Troupe, Foot in the Door Theatre, Fine Arts Council, and Texas Printmaking.

Please visit Registered Student Groups for the full list.

Self-Initiated Art Making

You do not have to be part of an organized student group to be a part of the Creative 40 Acres. Let us hear about your endeavors!

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